Professional support

Please reach Beremiz SAS (France).


Mailing list

Moderated mailing list is the main community communication channel. For posting it is required to be subscribed to the mailing list.

Searchable webarchive of the mailing list is available here.


Chat with developers on #beremiz channel on


Report bugs

Official Beremiz bugtracker is

If you’ve found (reproducable) bug, and want it to be fixed. First search bugtracker, maybe someone already reported this issue. If the issue is already described, you may add your examples or comments to it.

If the problem isn’t described yet, then please check whether it exists in the latest version of Beremiz from development repository. If it still exists, then create new bug report for it.

Perfect bug report contains:

  • Exact steps to reproduce the problem, to make it easier for developers to fix it.
  • Generated by Beremiz bug-report with backtrace, if it exists.
  • Beremiz PLC project used to reproduce the issue.
  • Screenshorts/screencasts for better understanding of the problem.

Improve translation

The easiest way for newcomers to help Beremiz project without python knowledge is to improve support of your native language in Beremiz IDE.

Beremiz developers use Transifex, web-platform for translations.

Current status of translation:

Update community wiki

Beremiz community wiki is here.

Improve documentation

Another way to help the project is to improve documentation. Be aware, that use of any copyrighted material is not allowed.

Submit patch

The best way to submit your code to Beremiz is to make pull requests on project’s github repositories.

Before making a pull request please check your code. It should be comform to PEP-8. Commits have to be reasonably small and solve one particular problem each. Commit messages should contain description of the problem that is solved by this change.