Automation products

Smarteh (Slovenia/Tolmin)

Smarteh has multiples lines of Beremiz-based PLC with several models.

LPC-2.MC8 implements an efficient bare metal C runtime, including TCP Modbus server, CANopen (with CanFestival) as well as simple HTTP server. LPC-Composer tool helps in assembling I/O modules from LPC2 catalog intuitively.
LPC-2.MC9 CPU module, offers improved performance, scalability and a wide range of new features within a single compact package.
Module is based on ARM architecture processor running GNU/Linux and adds more computing power, more control and additional interfaces.
Additionally to classical PLC CPU modules the LPC-3 line introduces Beremiz-based industrial automation controllers. LPC-3.IOR, LPC-3.IOT, LPC-3.IOU



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Nucleron R&D LCC (Russia/Perm)

Nucleron has developed YAPLC platform which is a set of Beremiz extensions called YAPLC/IDE and a bare metal PLC runtime system called YAPLC/RTE. The company has a GitHub account where you can find the platform.

They also offer YAPLC based product line of progammable relays which may be programmed with a serial connection cable ( NUC-246).

NUC-242 NUC-243 NUC-247

Nefteavtomatika (Russia/Ufa)

Source code for target-specific Beremiz extensions is available in their public repository.

MKLogic200 (ARM, Cortex-M4)

INEUM (Russia/Moscow)

The company has a GitHub account where you can find some source code for Beremiz and matiec and gh-pages with Beremiz user documentation.

KMAV-S (ARM, Cortex-M0) MP-10 (ARM, ARM926) MP-8 (x86)

There are series of communication controllers, that can be driven by Beremiz as well.

BPI-2 (ARM, Cortex-A5) BPI-2.3 (ARM, Cortex-A5)

Argo (Russia/Ivanovo)

MUR 1001.3 SV (ARM, Cortex-M3)

NGPInform (Russia/Ufa)

CILK PAC (ARM, Cortex-A8)
CILK (ARM, Cortex-M3)

KOSMOS (South Korea)

KOSMOS stands for Korea Open Source MOtion System. It was developed for HIGEN Motor in collaboration with KETI (Korea Electronics Technology Institute).

Embedded software development


OposSOM (Armadeus systems) develops and produces System On Modules with embedded Linux combining small size with low energy consumption and extended connectivity.

Armadeus boards come with full Linux development environment using Buildroot. Beremiz runtime is proposed as an installable package in Armadeus’ software.

Armadeus Project is also an active community with mailling-list, irc channel (irc:// and wiki.

STM32Discovery boards

Nucleron’s repositories on github (current maintainer Paul Beltyukov) have support for STM32Discovery boards.