Beremiz project is used in OSIE project and gains support for OPC-UA client.

OSIE OSIE aims to transforms industrial automation into a branch of the open source software and hardware ecosystems.
OPC UA OPC UA is a cross-platform, open-source, IEC62541 standard for data exchange from sensors to cloud applications developed by the OPC Foundation.

Beremiz and OSIE

OSIE will cut prices by an order of magnitude, eliminate interoperability blockers, accelerate data-driven business and provide flexibility for Industry 4.0. It will support real-time orchestration and deterministic, end-to-end communication at the edge using generic hardware.

Beremiz is the IEC-61131 IDE and toolchain selected by the OSIE project.

OSIE demonstrated a Proof Of Concept with Beremiz and Modbus.

OPC-UA Client for Beremiz

OPC-UA Client Beremiz extension let programmer browse OPC-UA server directly in Bermiz IDE, thanks to FreeOpcUa’s python-opcua implementation. According to configured servers and selected variables, C code is generated so that runtime can interact with open62541 stack to collect and change values of selected server’s variables.

OPC-UA client extension

Extension was developed with re-use and testing in mind. First was developed a simple standalone wxPython app allowing selection of OPC-UA server variables, saving and loading selection, and generate C code of a standalone process that read and write selected variables in a loop. Standalone app is available in source code and can be launched with python opc_ua/

OPC-UA Standalone client generator app